4 Signs You Need a Chimney Repair

Your chimney undergoes extensive wear and tear over years of use. Without proper maintenance, problematic issues can develop. According to Medium, one of the primary reasons for proper chimney maintenance is to ensure fire safety by removing creosote buildup. Watch for these common signs that your chimney likely needs professional repairs.

1. Noticeable Changes in Draft Performance

A properly functioning chimney has a strong, steady draft that smoothly evacuates smoke and combustion byproducts outside. If you notice that the draft seems significantly weaker or slower than normal, it likely indicates a blockage has formed inside the flue. Back puffing or smoke spilling back into the fireplace also signals chimney draft issues. These changes mean creosote buildup or exterior damage is interfering with airflow and the chimney’s operation. Ignoring draft changes risks fire hazards or carbon monoxide entering the home.

2. Discolored or Missing Mortar

The mortar between chimney bricks is meant to be a light beige or gray color when in good condition. If you notice the existing mortar has become charred and blackened from ongoing smoke exposure, it needs professional re-pointing to restore the seal. Also inspect for areas where old mortar is missing or crumbling and that provides openings for air, moisture, and pests. Knocking out damaged mortar and tuck-pointing fresh mortar seals the chimney and prevents further deterioration.

3. Sounds of Animals or Debris Inside

If you hear flapping, rustling noises, or animal sounds coming from the chimney, it’s likely a sign that birds, raccoons, or other critters have gotten in and made nests. Blockages from leaves, twigs, and other debris lead to animal infestations. Before using the fireplace, it’s critical to have a thorough chimney weeping performed to remove all blockages and nesting materials. Otherwise, fire hazards exist. A chimney cap also helps keep wildlife out when not in use.

4. Obvious or Visible Damage

Carefully inspect the chimney’s exterior masonry or stonework for warning signs of damage. Look for missing or cracked bricks, crumbling sections, shifted alignment, and spalling or flaking surfaces that indicate damage. If you can spot damage, repairs are needed.

Unrepaired damage often worsens quickly due to ongoing exposure to weather and seasonal temperature changes. If you notice one or more of these issues, you need to resolve them correctly to prevent further deterioration or safety issues like collapses and falling sections. Call us at WNC Chimney Solutions to get the chimney repairs you need.